Over the years, conservatives and liberals have had a lot of debate over the positive or negative results of the cannabis root, and it seems to have escalated over the past five years or so. Of course, Mary-Jane users promote the benefits of the plant use, while those against it mostly show the negative results.… Continue reading WEED IS BAD???


Journey Through Notes

A five-year-old girl with dark hair swimming around her shoulders perched herself on a piano bench and proceeded to tap out the keys on the piano. As she heard the music transfer from the keys to the air, she tried different things, and she found it didn't sound so bad. She turned around to hear… Continue reading Journey Through Notes

Discrimination, Against Whom?

Recently, California just passed a law banning state-funded travel to any state that California deems as "anti-LGBTQ." According to the law, California "would prohibit a state agency and the Legislature from requiring any of its employees, officers, or members to travel to, or approving a request for state-funded or state-sponsored travel to, any state that...has… Continue reading Discrimination, Against Whom?


This morning I read an article by an Asian lady who describes her childhood growing up in Queens, New York. She proceeds to describe how her school in Queens was quite a "diverse" school with Mexicans, Germans, Chinese, Koreans, etc. attending the school, and she was terrified when she toured a school of only fair… Continue reading Diversity?

Fidget Spinners vs Technological Devices

    Yesterday afternoon, as my dad toyed with my sister's fidget spinner, he commented, "I'd much rather have my child playing with their fidget spinner all day than staring at a phone all day." He then talked about how so many kids today spend about 8 hours a day on a phone or tablet.… Continue reading Fidget Spinners vs Technological Devices