Grandfather — Pawpaw

Grandfather-- Remember when I used to bother You because I was too loud? I felt like I wasn't allowed To be an excited around You, And the sound Bothered your failing ears. But you'd sit and hear What I had to say. If I could take the time to walk your way, More, Quietly and … Continue reading Grandfather — Pawpaw


Vomiting Romance

Love lingers in the air--at least, the "feeling" does, whatever that means. Couples are going to prom together, going out on dates, and even getting married! Oh, and yes, all these couples are under the age of twenty. Honestly, if I even see one more "cute couple" picture, where the guy and girl are making … Continue reading Vomiting Romance

Searching for Something….

Why? Must I continue on the same worn path every single day? I find the necessity of repeating the same daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycle. I wake up, go about my day, work, struggle to juggle different aspects of my life, and succeed in life. You see, I have these passions. I yearn to write … Continue reading Searching for Something….



What’s the first thought that comes to our mind when we hear the word, “terrorism”? Usually, we think of dark-skinned men wrapped in turbans, with AK-47’s, shooting up a mall or flying planes into buildings. We constantly hear about terrorist attacks, as well as the riots formed to decry them. The media constantly feeds us … Continue reading Terrorism